Established 19xx

Our origin story doesn’t begin at legalization. We’ve been deep into cannabis for decades. Looking around today at large facilities, online shopping and neighbourhood dispensaries, it’s easy to forget what it used to be like. But we haven’t. We remember because it was in the underground that we earned our stripes, honed our craft and grew our reputation. And that commitment to quality we made in the shadows, we still carry now standing in the light.


We grow high-quality stuff because that’s what we want personally. No compromises. So we’ve surrounded ourselves with world-class researchers and growers to keep exploring new strains and formats. The good news for you is that we’re proud to share it.

What We

We believe that cannabis is a force for growth and a better world, and we’re working really hard to help users and non-users alike see it that way.

Our Promise
To You

We promise to craft consistently exceptional cannabis, and we promise to keep striving to make it better.

Every day we show up, ready to grow exceptional cannabis. That’s step one. Step two is to do it consistently. And driving us is this belief that we can always cultivate better – people, plants and products. - Deron Caplan, PhD., Director of R&D

Your Flowr

We Were Born in the Underground. 19xx.
But You’ll Have to Be More Specific.

Flowr.ca is for Canadians old enough to buy cannabis. That’s 19+ (except for Alberta where it’s 18+ and Quebec where it’s 21+).

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