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When we say Grown True, it’s much more than just words to us. It reflects our identity and defines our purpose. It’s the cannabis we cultivate, where we grow it and how we craft it, all rolled up in one.

Cannabis Is
Easy to Grow,

But It’s Hard
To Grow Well.

We strive to create products of exceptionally high quality because we believe that cannabis can bring out the best of us – but only when it’s made consistently.

Home Hero
Home Hero

Each of Us Define
Grown True Every Day

Our people are passionate torchbearers of Flowr, each bringing Grown True to life in our own way - from the expert genetic researchers to those creating the perfect growing conditions or carefully trimming each plant. We each contribute what we can to make Flowr Grown True.

We Invest in R&D Today To
Grow True Tomorrow

From pioneering genetics and creating the best version of each strain, to constantly testing new cultivars, we commit to research and development by building on an incredible foundation of knowledge brought by employees and partners around the world.

What We Make
Is Who We Are

Grown True means outstanding genetics and beautifully curated and trimmed cannabis. Consistently exceptional is how we roll.

And It All Begins
In the Okanagan

All Flowr products start life in the beautiful Okanagan Valley, a place rich in both fertile land and the expertise to grow on it. While we craft with our minds, this is where our heart lies.

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We Were Born in the Underground. 19xx.
But You’ll Have to Be More Specific.

Flowr.ca is for Canadians old enough to buy cannabis. That’s 19+ (except for Alberta where it’s 18+ and Quebec where it’s 21+).

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