At Flowr, we want to ensure our members have the greatest experience, that’s why we’ve partnered up with Strainprint, the leader in cannabis strain tracking. Strainprint lets our members keep track of what they’ve taken, how much they taken, and how they feel once they’ve taken it. Keeping track of this information lets members know which Flowr product they enjoy most.

The Strainprint app can be downloaded through Google Play or Apple App Store. Use activation code FLR168800 to unlock Flowr’s user-interface.

Finding the right product that suits your lifestyle can be overwhelming, keeping track of exactly how much you take can feel impossible. Strainprint allows for real life tracking of all Flowr products. From the exact number of inhales to a rating system of effects, our members can efficiently record and track their day-to-day experiences on this convenient easy-to-use app.

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Easy to Use


the app


using the special

Flowr activation

code FLR168800


our app by selecting the applicable setting.


compiling your

library of strain usage

and effect.

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