BC Tahoe OG

Light green. Terpene-rich. Made for the afternoon. This West Coast phenotype originates from OG Kush. But don’t mistake this for Tahoe OG Kush - this Tahoe has a heavily pronounced, terpene-rich profile made up of citrus, pine, and thyme.

Available in Alberta.



THC Range


CBD Range

Less than 1%

Flavour Profile

Earthy notes, citrus, pine, thyme, fuel


Uplift, euphoria, chill

Terpene Profile

pinene +

Aromas to look for: Pine needles, odor of basil, parsley, dill, rosemary or hops.

myrcene +

Aromas to look for: Mango, thyme, citrus, lemongrass, bay leaves, hops.

nerolidol +

Aromas to look for: Citrus, apples, rose, lemongrass, fresh bark.

The Strain With The
West Coast Vibe

Flowr’s BC Tahoe OG is a true west coaster. A hybrid, it may have an energy inducing onset which quickly turns into a relaxing effect.

Available in Alberta.

Available Formats

Dried Flower

Available in 3.5g

Our dried flower. The classic. For use with any method of dried flower consumption that works for you.

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