When it comes to cannabis, knowledge is power. Start with absorbing everything you need to know about this plant.



Experiencing cannabis fully begins with understanding the plant itself. With many of its properties long understood by ancient civilizations, the use of cannabis dates back thousands of years.

A genus of the hemp family, cannabis’ most notable ingredients are cannabinoids and terpenes, these two active ingredients hold the key to this plant’s unique properties.

Finding The Perfect Fit

We strongly believe that in order to choose the right products best suited to your life, you need to first understand the basic biology of cannabis. Discovering the right kind of cannabis can feel mind-boggling.

At Flowr, we’ve got you covered. We understand every part of the plant—down to its molecular level—as a result, we’ve simplified the selection process for you.


Cannabis can be both psychotropic and non-psychoactive. Each part of the plant plays an important role in determining what the ultimate effect is.

Containing 2 main active ingredients, most notably cannabinoids and terpenes, the relationship between these two properties is what differentiates one experience from the other.


Cannabinoids are responsible for many of the psychotropic effects of cannabis, although not all cannabinoids are psychotropic. The most recognized cannabinoids are THC—a psychoactive ingredient and CBD—a non-psychoactive ingredient. Understanding the effects of specific cannabinoids will help you in choosing products that are best suited to you.


Terpenes—aroma and taste molecules—are instrumental to the experience of cannabis. The relationship between terpenes and cannabinoids is what differentiates one strain from another.

It’s All About the Experience

Cannabis can be used in a number of different ways, each with its own effects. We’re here to help you understand the various ways you can absorb the plant.


Inhaling cannabis is the most conventional way of absorption. Vaporizing means heating the dried cannabis to just below combustion temperatures, which reduces combustion by-products. Vaporizing is efficient and popular.


Edibles come in many different forms, from ingredients you cook with to prepared products you can eat or drink. Ingestion typically results in a slower start. The effects can also be longer lasting, anywhere from 3-8 hours for some people.


Absorbed through the skin, creams and oils react locally.

Product Forms

Cannabis can be enjoyed in a number of different forms.


Expertly cured under strictly controlled environments, dried cannabis can be stored for up to two years without major losses in potency.


A concentrate, cannabis oils are extracted from dried material. Oils should only be stored in cool and dry places.


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