THC 22.5% ± 2.5%.

Seed, sun, water, wait. If we wanted to, growing Pink Kush could be that simple. It doesn’t take expertise to get to harvest. It doesn’t take scientists to ship a product. It doesn’t take state-of-the-art indoor grow rooms. But we’re not here to just grow any Pink Kush. We’re here to raise the bar and set the standard. And that takes expertise. That takes a team of scientists. That takes precise control. That is what makes this Flowr BC Pink Kush.


The consistency of our BC Pink Kush is right there in the range. THC 22.5% ± 2.5%. But we don’t measure our success in a number. We approach every stage of cultivation with scientific rigour so that what’s most consistent is how impressed we believe you’ll be with the final product. Grown True means that the product we ship always meets our toughest criteria.


You can only learn from what you measure. And we measure everything. Over generations of plants, we tweak and fine tune our processes and practices so that each new crop can be slightly better than the last. We work for a well-balanced terpene profile, and we wouldn't jeopardize that by irradiating our product. There is no perfection when you always aim for progress.


Why do we grow indoors? Grow small batch? Because we believe the key to quality is being able to control every aspect of growth. Our grow rooms are calibrated to minute detail, the result of years of research and study. We believe each plant deserves our undivided attention, so that’s what we give them.

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