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Each member of The Flowr Corporation brings an unparalleled level of expertise, knowledge and skill.


Vinay Tolia


Vinay was the co-founder and managing member of Bengal Capital Trading LLC, a derivatives focused hedge fund. Formed in 2006, Bengal Capital uses technology and human experience to make investment decisions. Mr. Tolia has a history of investing in technology and cannabis related companies. Prior to forming Bengal Vinay was an M&A xbanking analyst and a L/S equity hedge fund analyst.

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Steve Klein

Co-Founder, Chairman of the Board and Chief Strategist

Steve joins us from Apple Core Holdings where he holds the role of CEO. He has led the growth of the firm from its inception as a set of hotel properties into a diversified investment company that includes premier event spaces, commercial real estate, direct venture capital and private equity investments.

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Tom Flow


Tom is widely recognized for his cannabis thought leadership and expertise building and operating cannabis cultivation facilities. He co-founded MedReleaf in 2014 and sits on the boards of several cannabis-related companies including Plant Properties Inc.

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Alex Dann

Chief Financial Officer

Alex is a bilingual CPA, CA with over 25 years of experience leading financial operations and strategic planning for multinational public companies, primarily in the mining and manufacturing sectors. Alex was most recently CFO of Era Resources Inc., prior to its acquisition by The Sentient Group.

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Dr. Lyle Oberg

Chief Policy and Medical Officer

Lyle is a Medical Doctor and was a member of the Alberta legislature and former Alberta Minister of Finance. After leaving politics, Lyle was CEO for MultiGen Diagnostics, a DNA sequencing company out of San Diego. Today he serves on multiple boards and committees.

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David Miller

Co-Founder, General Counsel

Dave joins us from Apple Core Holdings where he holds the role of CFO. He managed their internal operations as well as the financial and legal aspects of its investments. He is also instrumental in evaluating and vetting new investment opportunities.

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“The key to growing profitably is not only growing the highest quality product, but also growing at the highest yields. Few L.P.’s talk about yield but both high quality and high yields are the keys to the economics of the cultivation business.”

Steve Klein, Chairman of the Board & Chief Strategist



Jason Broome, M.Sc.

SVP, Operations

Jason has 15 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry with roles in: sales, marketing, business, unit management, government affairs and global advisory boards. Jason has established, operated and sold several healthcare-related companies. With a master’s degree in Molecular Genetics, Jason’s expertise spans all aspects of development. From molecule to market, Jason has led the commercialization of several key pharmaceutical brands.

Craig Main

VP, Construction

Craig’s industry-leading experience in the design and construction of care facilities, hospitals, water treatment plants and sewage treatment facilities, is the reason he is constantly sought out for the design, construction and inspection of MMPR facilities.

Steve Barich

VP, Business Development

Steve has over 20 years of hands-on experience in marketing, business development and loyalty programs. He has managed complex projects, involving: leading customer service tactics, building online stores, and managing customer / patient adoption strategies. As a former OLG Director, Steve built and ran Winner’s Circle Rewards program, Canada’s largest casino loyalty program. Most recently, Steve led the patient adoption onboarding and loyalty for Tilray.

Erin Liang

VP, Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance

Erin has a BSc in Pharmacy, a diploma in Chemical Laboratory Technology – Pharmaceutical and a graduate certificate in Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs and Quality Operations. With significant industry and category experience, she is a leader in pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs, Quality Assurance, Quality Control and Compliance. She was part of the founding team at Emblem Cannabis and led all their regulatory, licensing, quality and SOP efforts and helped establish their Patient Services function.

Philippe Henry

VP, Research & Development

Philippe is a cannabis geneticist who focuses on using genomic and bioinformatic tools to shed light on the genetic basis of key traits of the cannabis plant and the cannabis-human relationship. He has developed a comprehensive knowledge base and specialized algorithms with the goal to harness the diverse cannabis gene pools and enhance our understanding of the therapeutic potential of cannabis and its derivatives.

Alex Revich

Director, Partner Development & Education

Alex joined MedReleaf in 2014 which was the beginning of his career in the medical cannabis industry. Alex was present at the outset of the Canadian Medical Cannabis Industry Association (CMCIA) and during his subsequent tenure he served as committee chair and held the position of interim Executive Director. He has spoken to thousands of patients with various conditions and ailments such as PTSD and chronic pain. Alex has worked with Veterans Affairs Canada on the coverage of cannabis and is a proponent of methods of ingestion other then smoking. After leaving MedReleaf he focused on cannabis education by creating a program called “Cannabis IQ” alongside MD Briefcase and a faculty of 5 Health Care Professionals.

Alexander E. Repetski

Director, Communications

Alexander’s deep experience in cannabis treatments and the science around its impacts on the human body stem from a very personal connection through his daughter, Gwenevere. In 2012 she was diagnosed with intractable epilepsy and after repeated failures of traditional therapies, she found successful treatment options through specialized cannabis formulations. It took a lot of research and trial and error for Alexandar to find the right cannabis treatment for his daughter and as a result has become recognized for his contributions in this space. He regularly finds himself with speaking engagements and participating in studies with numerous universities, doctors and news outlets across North America. He enjoys hugs from his children and new ideas.

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