• Complete the patient registration with Flowr. 
  • Flowr will set up your account, verify your name and age as well as address.
  • Move on to step two. Once your medical document is received our patient care team will verify it and approve your account.
  • Obtain a completed medical document from a healthcare practitioner. Simply log on to one of the virtual clinics listed below, you will be guided through booking an online appointment.
  • You may also choose to see any doctor of your choice, you will need our medical documents
  • Upon your document verification, you will receive an email containing your patient ID.
  • log in and set your password.
  • you are ready to begin ordering our premium medical cannabis which will be discreetly shipped directly to your main address.

While there are many choices for virtual clinics, there are two we work with closely. Both HelloMD and Namaste are very efficient, easy to use and provide a non-invasive way to see a healthcare practitioner from whichever location you choose.
As always you can contact our patient care team for help anytime at 1.888.356.9779

Choose a clinic below and begin the healing process through the power of flowr 


Serving Ontario and British Colombia only.


Serving all Provinces. Enter code “FLOWR”