Toronto, ON, April 16, 2018

The Flowr Corporation Partners With Industry Leading Strainprint

Flowr is proud to be partnering up with StrainPrint, the leader in cannabis strain tracking.
At Flowr, we want to ensure our members have the greatest experience, that is why we’ve chosen to partner with StrainPrint—which allows for real life tracking of all Flowr products.

From the exact number of inhales to a rating system of effects, our members can discover which Flowr products they enjoy most by recording and tracking their day-to-day experiences on this convenient, easy-to-use app. With so many available options we know that finding the right product that suits your lifestyle can be overwhelming, StrainPrint simplifies the process.

Stay tuned, the StrainPrint app will soon be available for download at Google Play and Apple App Store.

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