Toronto, ON, April 16, 2018

The Flowr Corporation And Hawthorne Gardening
Company Look To The Future.

In an unprecedented move, The Flowr Corporation and Hawthorne Gardening Company, a subsidiary of The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company, join forces to launch the first purpose-built research and development facility of its kind.

Based in the beautiful Okanagan Valley, this one-of-a-kind center for research and design is expected to open early 2019. The purpose-built 50,000 square foot facility will be exclusively dedicated to innovations in the cannabis industry and advanced cannabis research.

Research teams will focus on developing cultivars that serve distinct therapeutic purposes and can be cultivated under very-particular growing conditions. Specific areas of research and design will include: nutrient innovation, lighting and environmental systems, water distribution, plant growth, integrated cultivation systems, and more.

The facility will house laboratories, indoor and greenhouse grow suites, and training and genetic breeding areas.

The new center will also prove to have a positive economic impact on the region, with Hawthorne further adding to Flowr’s extensive investment in the area.

The strategic alliance will see Flowr combining their industry leading expertise in cannabis cultivation techniques, and grow facility construction, with Hawthorne’s supreme knowledge in the cultivation of products and systems.

To learn more visit flowrco.ca.