More than just an aesthetic design; there is great meaning behind our brand.


At Fish out of Water Design, we’ve partnered with Flowr to design and launch the Flowr cannabis brand. Working with a brand from the early stages is one of the most exciting times of the creative process to us. A perfect identity and voice in which products are presented sets the tone and facilitates customers’ understanding of who you are and where you’re going.

The Flowr team is passionate about improving lifestyles with the positive benefits of healthy cannabis use. Flowr was launched to advance the natural science of cannabis, creating high-quality products for relaxation and personal enjoyment. Great design always begins with an understanding of the audience. As producers of high-quality cannabis products, the Flowr customer is discerning and sophisticated:

· Has a highly developed sense of style.
· Lifestyle is about experiences and creating great memories.
· Is responsible.
· Appreciates the value of hand-crafted products.
· Values quality.

The brand, therefore, needed to resonate with the values and taste of customers.

The Flowr identity is a ‘combination logo’. It incorporates an icon into a wordmark. Custom letter forms flow one into the next, assisting in the readability of its unique spelling. Contemporary typography is neither too masculine nor feminine, and evokes an impression of accessible science. Each colour ring represents the interconnected values of Flowr:

1. The green ring represents Flowr’s belief in the natural science of cannabis.
2. The purple ring represents Flowr’s innovative approach to cannabis cultivation and product development.
3. The red ring represents Flowr’s passionate dedication to benefits of cannabis use as part of a healthy lifestyle.

As a whole, the rings form an abstract flower, add memorability and overall the logo conveys a strong, sophisticated look.

We want the entire Flowr customer experience to be memorable and enjoyable. Customers seek out brands that reflect their lifestyle. As such, the website is designed with several attributes in mind:

PREMIUM – reflects the discerning taste of Flowr customers
NATURAL – reflects the respect Flowr has for the cannabis plant and our place in the world
QUIRKY – reflects the personality of an innovative company that does things a little differently

You can see how this comes to life in Flowr’s website. Sophisticated imagery, both urban and nature-focused capture the brands adventurous vision. Nuanced graphics and contrasting typography, together evoke an overarching premium and natural feel. Small, bright, lively colour accents add that touch that captures the brand’s adventurous, quirky personality. The end result is a discerning, yet laid back look and feel.

We are excited by this first step in Flowr’s journey. We are even more excited by what is yet to come.

Sarah Grundy is the VP Creative at Fish out of Water Design.